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Telangiectasias are abnormally dilated vessels very close to the surface of the skin which can give an appearance of red patches. They may be visible and unsightly on the face and neck. 

  • Telangiectasias or spider veins are small dilations of the superficial veins and capillaries of the skin.​
  • Located mainly on the face and neck, specifically on the wings of the nose​ , the​ area of the cheeks​ and the ​ chin​ ​ .
  • It is an acquired and benign vascular lesion.
  • We usually don’t know its cause.
  • They usually take the shape of a ‘spider’ , with a dilated central vessel​ surrounded by small vessels on the periphery.

    Popularly known under the name of ‘red pimples’, ‘red veins’, ‘little veins on the face’ or ‘red veins’, among others.

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