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Body Fillers


In the ideal world, we would all look into the mirror and be genuinely satisfied with the image we see. However, in reality, many people can point out at least one thing they would like to change about their bodies. Strict diet and intense training can take you some of the way but sometimes alternative approaches can be effective to reach aesthetic goals.

Today, there is a variety of options available for patients who wants to change or sculpture their body without undergoing surgical treatment. In this case, non-surgical body contouring treatment is an option for patients who want to achieve a long-lasting, non-permanent result without leaving any scars.

Body contouring can often be associated with treatments to reduce areas with excess body fat and cellulite. However, today, patients seeking body contouring not only want to reduce excess body fat, they also want to restore or add volume in certain areas.


Body contouring treatments can be categorized into those treatments that remove unwanted body fat and those treatments that add volume. The latter of these two categories, namely injectable body contouring, is a treatment used for enlargement and enhancement of certain body areas.

An injectable body contouring treatment is a non-surgical aesthetic treatment that shapes the body by injecting a resorbable hyaluronic acid gel specifically developed for minimally invasive volume enhancement. Injectable body contouring represents an attractive treatment option for volume restoration or augmentation by providing predictable long-lasting results.

The benefit of the injectable body-contouring treatment is that the injectable hyaluronic acid body filler is a natural, resorbable gel that slowly degrades in the body over time. Results are predictable and long lasting and it is a non-surgical way of shaping the body.

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