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Active Acne Treatment

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 Active Acne Treatment

Active acne is an inflammatory skin condition that affects over 80% of adults and is particularly prevalent in teenagers. It appears most commonly on the face, chest, back and neck.

If it remains untreated it can cause permanent damaged skin commonly known as​ acne scarring​. An outbreak of acne can re-occur every 4 to 5 years and around 30% of suffers continue with acne issues into their adulthood.

The source of the problem that leads to acne lies deep beneath the surface of the skin. The sebaceous gland, an oil secreting apparatus, empties the oils into a pore, allowing the oil to flow to the surface. Individuals with acne have impairment in this normal process. The oil accumulates in the pore, forming a plug that we commonly call a blackhead. Oil then builds up behind the plug, hardens, and creates a cyst. Bacteria in the skin feed on this buildup and begin to multiply and excrete many toxic wastes. This leads to inflammation and the common pimple seen in acne. If the pimple becomes large enough, it irreversibly damages the tissue leading to an acne scar.

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