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Rejuvenation (Age Related Lines)

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Rejuvenation (Age Related Lines)

When we think of aesthetic treatments and antiageing, by default, our thoughts often focus on the face. However, I find that it is the disharmony between a youthful face and an ageing neck and décolletage that is the giveaway of a person’s true age. 

In an ideal world, antiageing treatments should take a more holistic approach; combining aesthetic treatments whilst optimising health and wellness. But so often, patients wishing to treat the neck and décolletage only seem to come into clinic once the damage has already been done, leading the patient to seek corrective rather than preventive aesthetic treatment.

Today, patients are well informed of the importance of investing in good skincare, sun protection and starting aesthetic treatments early to optimise their antiageing effects, rather than fighting lines and wrinkles when they appear. 

The neck is definitely an area for better or worse, usually worse, that can really display the signs of aging and when undertreated can adversely affect the rejuvenation efforts invested in the face above.  Not uncommonly, I see patients in consultation who have invested a great deal of their time and finances to improve their necks only to be offered sub-optimal treatments that leaves minimal to no change at all. 

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