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Love handles

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Love handles

Love handles (also called muffin tops) are deposits of excess fat at the waist, often called stubborn fatty deposits, due to physiology; there are more fat cells in this region than in others.

When you eat more calories than you burn the excess are stored by the body in fat cells, and become the subcutaneous fatty deposits that are a source of contention for so many people.

Deleo Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive technique of adipocyte lysis. The principle of cryolipolysis is to intensively cool a localized fat mass with Peltier modules that go down to -9 ° C. High pressure is also applied to the adipocytes by aspiration to induce ischemia, in order to modify their configuration. This change in cellular state from a normal body temperature (37 ° C) to very low or even negative temperatures sends a chemical message of apoptosis to the adipocytes. Results are visible 6 weeks later, but the body will continue to eliminate crystallized adipocytes up to 3 months after the session.

Laser Lipo, cryolipolysis  are very advanced treatment that stimulate skin tightening and provide effective, non-invasive, fat reduction.

As we age, some of us will find that we have excess fat in certain areas. These areas are most commonly on the tummy, love handles, outer thighs, hips and under the chin or around the jawline; all of which are areas of the body in which weight is hardest to shift, even if you have undergone further weight loss.

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