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Traumatic & Surgical Scar Revision

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Traumatic & Surgical Scar Revision

What is Scar Revision?

Scar Revision refers to a procedure that reduces the appearance of scars by matching them to the texture and color of the surrounding skin. It also helps improve function by releasing scar tissue, thereby returning movement to an area of the body (fingers, nose, mouth, eyelids) that may have been tethered by scar tissue. 

Why Do People Get Scar Revision?

There are many reasons to consider scar revision. These include:

  • Irritation: scars can be itchy, tender, and painful
  • Function: scar tissue is less flexible and can inhibit function or movement
  • Appearance: scars can make people feel self-conscious, anxious or depressed Surgical Scars:

Surgical scars can be planned to minimize their appearance, size, and risk of resultant tissue dysfunction. However, some patients heal poorly from even a planned surgical incision and desire scar revision. Post-surgical treatments can be used first to reduce scar size and avoid the need for another surgery. Avoiding the sun or using strong sunblock for a year after surgery will limit hyperpigmentation of the scar. Compression over the scar can reduce hypertrophic scarring, which is when excess collagen accumulates and produces a raised scar. This can be done through taping, gently massaging, or using silicone gel and sheets. However wide, thick, or hyperpigmented scars can still form even if proper post-surgical treatments are implemented. In these cases, scar revision can be considered.

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