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Mole Removal

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Mole Removal

The word mole is a broad term that is used to represent a variety of the skin imperfections. No matter what the causes behind the moles are, we can cure them using a laser treatment or Mole Removal Surgery on Face‚Äč or the body.

Interesting Facts about Moles

  • The moles can be flat or raised
  • Most of the moles appear by age 30
  • Mole removal surgery on face is an effective treatment A minor surgery is the effective mole removal method

Causes and Risks of Moles

There can be many causes of moles appearance. A mole can result from the sunburn or any skin imperfection. It can be of black, brown, or any other color. The sun exposure is the main cause of moles. Moreover, the genes we inherit from our parents can also be a cause. The irregular and evolving moles are dangerous.

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